NFT / One-Time Ticket
  • Cost: 0.05 ETH
    NFT Minting
    Participants can purchase an NFT, which acts as an entry into the lottery, by paying a higher fee that covers the cost of minting the NFT and gives the participant lifetime rights to participate in the lottery, as well as a share of the 15% repeated jackpot and community benefits.
  • Cost: 0.01 ETH
    One-Time Ticket Purchase
    Participants can purchase a one-time ticket by sending a lower fee in Ethereum to the lottery wallet, allowing them to easily participate without having to pay the cost of minting an NFT. However, this option does not include lifetime participation or community benefits.
option for participants to purchase a one-time ticket by sending Ethereum to the lottery wallet
One-Time Ticket
1. Participants have the option to purchase a one-time ticket by sending a specific amount of Ethereum to the lottery wallet.

2. The cost of a one-time ticket is less than the NFT price, making it easier for people to participate without spending money on gas fees when minting an NFT.

3. At the end of the buying period, all the wallets will be printed out from the Etherscan website and every wallet that bought a one-time ticket will be given a number.

4. NFT minters and one-time ticket buyers will participate in the main jackpot draw.

5. However, participants who choose to purchase a one-time ticket will not be allowed to participate in the 15% repeated draw and will not have any rights to vote.

6. The one-time ticket option is meant to allow for easier participation, but with the trade-off of exclusion from lifetime participation and community benefits.

In summary, participants have the option to purchase a one-time ticket at a lower cost than an NFT, but with the drawback of not being able to participate in the repeated draw or have voting rights.