Powerballs & The mask
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How can I purchase or mint a Powerballs NFT?
To purchase or mint a Powerballs NFT, simply press the "buy" or "mint" button on the home page of our website.
What should I do after I purchase my lottery tickets?
After purchasing your lottery tickets, you can enjoy browsing through our news, memes, and social media content until the day of the draw arrives.
Can non-US residents participate in the lottery?
Powerballs is a worldwide NFT lottery, and we welcome participants from all over the globe to join in and have fun.
Where do the funds from the lottery go?
The funds from the lottery will be distributed as follows: 70% will be awarded to the top three players, 15% will be distributed among all Powerballs NFT holders, and the remaining 15% will be used for operational expenses.
How long is a NFT ticket valid for?
A NFT ticket is valid for as long as you keep it. Every draw, 15% of the total bank will be played among all NFT ticket holders.
Are there any taxes taken out of the prize money?
No, there are no taxes taken out of the prize money.
What transaction fee will I pay for buying tickets?
The transaction fee you pay will depend on the current ETH gas fee. Stay informed by joining our Discord community where we regularly update on gas fees.
How many PB tickets can I buy?
You can purchase an unlimited number of PB tickets (NFTs).
Can lottery winners remain anonymous?
Yes, all winners are anonymous. However, if you choose to, you have the option to appear on our podcast using a "mask" to conceal your identity.
What is the difference between your lottery and others?
Our lottery offers several unique features, including guaranteed winners, no taxes, and the ability for your NFT ticket to play infinitely.
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