Alpenglow is a concept car to pave the way for future Alpine models
The Alpenglow concept car marks the beginning of a new chapter for Alpine.
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The future of sports cars is to be found in cleaner emissions with the same excitement and driving sensations. The Alpenglow concept car marks the beginning of a new chapter for Alpine, with a firm step towards sustainability. With its hydrogen-powered internal combustion motor, Alpenglow procures the same driving pleasure to be expected of an Alpine car on both closed circuits and the open road. This concept car embodies the brand’s strategy as a road-car manufacturer, motor sports icon, and socially responsible company.

Motor sports inspired design

The driver is seated at the heart of the action aboard the single-seater car. Surrounded on either side by two hydrogen reservoirs located on each side of the teardrop-shaped cockpit, the driver and interior space become one. The heightened experience is greatly accentuated through the fully immersive experience of being right in the centre of the car’s pure, technical, and technological heart. The interior and exterior in a state of symbiosis.

The cockpit adds to this feeling with its design like a blue-tinted see-through helmet; while the driver’s silhouette can just be made out, the overall shape was to be seen as a singular whole. The racing-inspired steering wheel strikes a particular chord with motorsport enthusiasts thanks to its features reminiscent of endurance and Formula 1 racing. Its geometric shape is home to two transparent, backlit paddle shifters and two selectors with a range of controls including ‘Track Control’ and ‘Regenerative Braking’. The steering wheel is also equipped with an ‘Overtake’ button, for a boost of extra power.
The concept car’s unique rear wing is entirely transparent, almost disappearing from sight and concealing its very function. While visually light weight, it bears great importance for the car’s performance, as its mobile parts help reduce drag and generate greater downforce.

Generous shapes and juxtaposing panels

Designed around technical and aerodynamic elements, the Alpine Alpenglow concept car embodies a unique philosophy, where form follows function. The highly accentuated design of the Alpenglow procures stunning aerodynamic performance. The form of its flowing surfaces helps optimise air flow. The accentuated V-shape of the front end marks the starting point of a red line that runs the length of the Alpenglow. Then, along the side, a bold line follows the air intake, creating an aerodynamic tunnel. Moulded for competition, the concept car uses very long and tapered rear wings that further optimise the aerodynamic performance; a tip of the hat to the A220 endurance model from the late 1960s. The two tanks heighten the sensual look of the side silhouette with their generous curves that fit seamlessly into Alpenglow's sculpted design.

Sitting at 5 metres long, just over 2 metres wide, and at less than 1 metre high, this concept car has the proportions of a dream car. A very agile car, whose sculpted lines reflect the hallmarks of future Alpine models.

A new light signature

Alpine's light signature has been changed for the Alpenglow concept car and reflects a new aesthetic. Starting in the front with red hues like a comet entering the atmosphere, it extends through to the back, where various shades of blue convey the Alpenglow’s clean emissions – it emits practically only water vapour when running. Also in the front, a shower of stars is symbolised by triangular lights that emerge from the four headlights, a nod to Alpine’s iconic signature. The full light signature enhances the dynamic feel of movement given off by the body. At the rear, the blue-tinted lights are a visual representation of the hydrogen being used as a clean fuel. The open shape of the highly stylized rear lights directs water vapour produced by the internal combustion motor outwards. When coming into contact with the air, it produces a blue vapour trail in the clean exhausts, thereby giving the Alpenglow concept car a magical and sporty feel.
A concept where materials express many sensations

The new blue colours used for the concept car are part of the change afoot at Alpine where the iconic blue is in constant motion. A more vibrant and luminous shade of blue, it incorporates very fine pearlescent flecks with shifting light and shade that give the paint a liquid-like finish.
Carbone fibre – partly recycled – it also part of the lightweight Alpine DNA. Alpenglow is no exception to the rule and was designed from the outset to include carbon fibre materials, some of which comes entirely from the recycling industry.

The wheels, with rims made entirely out of a transparent material, create snowflake patterns that are evocative of the Alpine identity. A triangle located in the middle of the rims features hydrogen and the Alpine logo, underscoring the brand's signature.
Inspiration for the Dream Garage and race cars of the future

Through its design and technological features, the Alpenglow paves the way for future Alpine models, for both the racetrack and open road. Its light signature and carbon fibre parts, its intuitive and sporty steering wheel, as well as the generous yet aerodynamic shapes are all design elements that will feature on the cars of tomorrow. Not to forget the snowflakes – a distinctive feature that makes each Alpine car unique.

Alpenglow spearheading innovation

Alpenglow gives us a glimpse of a future of Alpine vehicles where clean-emissions racing cars and road cars can become a reality. A future where the excitement of driving is enhanced through innovative technology based on a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine that is still as musical to the ears of car enthusiasts. Its two 700-bar cylindrical hydrogen tanks mean that the Alpenglow retains the brand's characteristic lightness while giving car enthusiasts ultimate driving pleasure, with clean emissions.
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